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Nike Football Trials

Nike Force9 Earling Haaland

From pitch to concept, Nike asked us to digitise their "try-on" cage experience at their London store. Using an array of sensors and systems, we created 'the trials'. The experience was comprised of three trials testing consumers speed, touch, and accuracy all of which focused around the attributes of the product. 

The cage became a visual and physical experience that built hype and energy in the store. The experience was a 365 activation, which was later re-skinned for the new Mercurial campaign launch, a boot focused on speed.

To celebrate the launch of Nike’s latest signing, Earling Haaland, we created an AR experience that placed the iconic player in his legendary celebratory pose above Nike Town London.

The experience was comprised of two parts; an AR experience for consumer outside the store and a content piece that gained over 60 millions views on Haalands Instagram channel.

Role: Creative Direction (Production)
Client: Nike

Year: 2023

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